What is ImmoEbre?

ImmoEbre is the association of estate agencies of Terres de l’Ebre. A new concept in real estate management designed to offer top results and services to buyers and sellers seeking to purchase or sell properties in Terres de l’Ebre and in the Ebro River Delta.

ImmoEbre is the largest network of estate agencies in Terres de l’Ebre. Each of our members has a long track record and professional experience in the sector. All of them are listed in the Registry of Estate Agents of Catalonia (AICAT) and in the Spanish Official Association of Real Estate Agents (API).

ImmoEbre is the most extensive exclusive listing of properties in Terres de l’Ebre. The company aims to coordinate and unify the real estate offerings in the zone, thus seeking to improve customer service, streamlining and simplifying the process of purchasing and selling property.

ImmoEbre is…


We are backed by 59 years of experience in the real estate sector


We like clear and direct communication


All our members are lawfully accredited


We have all the insurance required by association regulations


We have in-depth knowledge of our community

How does ImmoEbre work?


The key to our service is its exclusive nature, which means greater chances for success in the purchase or sale of property and less time taken to execute this process. By working exclusively with properties, you have the entire team of all the member agencies available to you in a single visit to one of our offices.

Therefore, if you have property that you want to sell or rent out, you greatly increase the reach of your property listing, while working with a single liaison. And if you want to buy or rent property, you have access to the largest listing of properties in Terres de l’Ebre, through a single liaison.

What about prices? All our members offer you exactly the same conditions and prices. We do this to ensure you the utmost transparency in the market, to your benefit.

Who is ImmoEbre for?


Through ImmoEbre you have quick, convenient and easy access to an extensive listing of properties.

  • More estate agents available to you at once
    Under the same conditions, prices and service quality
  • Increased real estate offerings
    Because all our members contribute properties to the real estate portfolio on an exclusive basis
  • Greater numbers of sellers
    Giving greater reach to the property listings
  • Reduced purchasing time
    To start enjoying your new property as soon as possible


Through ImmoEbre the visibility of your property expands thanks to our extensive property showcase.

  • More estate agents offer your property at once
    Under the same conditions, prices and service quality
  • The property listing has greater reach
    Because all our members list the property in all of their communication channels
  • Greater numbers of buyers
    Through simultaneous listings
  • Reduced selling time
    To start feeling the benefits of the transaction

Estate agents

Expand your business opportunities through a professional image and joint management of properties on an exclusive basis.

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